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Tuesday, May 15

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Wednesday, May 16

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Thursday, May 17

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A Social Psychology Experiment in Patriotism, Respect for the American Flag and Race SU Rogue River RoomMelynda Owens Alcohol Consumption in College Age Students: Gender Difference SU Rogue River RoomMegan Smith All in the Family 3: A Novel Group of Proteins May Enable Species of Disease-Causing Pythium to Infect Their Plant Hosts SU Rogue River RoomDavid Oline • Paige Stephens Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Graft Comparison SU Rogue River RoomMacaylea Mitchell Antioxidant Activities of Dietary Compounds and Probiotic Bacteria SU Rogue River RoomGalen Goode • Dr. Hala G. Schepmann Artificial Intelligence SU Rogue River RoomJennah Diaz Cybersecurity in the US SU Rogue River RoomKiley Fladland  Deep Eutectic Solvents and Extractions SU Rogue River RoomRay Schireman Determination of Pesticides in Honey SU Rogue River RoomBrittany Bredberg  Effect of Farming Practice and Storage on Nutrition of Eggs SU Rogue River RoomAriana O'Malley Endophytic Fungi of Pacific Yew: A Molecular Approach SU Rogue River RoomNelson Wedin Examining Intergenerational Poverty, ACE & Behavioral Econ SU Rogue River RoomRonald Gordon Family 3 Effector Proteins SU Rogue River RoomWalker Andrews • Tristen Holmes • Ariana Sattler Fetal Tissue Research SU Rogue River RoomIlaria Harrison • Siena Sassone • Viviana Siordia Finding Where You Belong: Social Connectedness in Ashland SU Rogue River RoomGiovanna Peitz • John Taylor Generalistic and Mutualistic Coniferous Endophytes SU Rogue River RoomAmanda Stacy How Hispanics are Represented in Media SU Rogue River RoomErica Carmona Institutions and Economic Growth, Recipe for Sustainable Development SU Rogue River RoomSimon Weibel LCMS Method Development for Quantitation of Beta-Sitosterol SU Rogue River RoomMark Kirms • Valerie Warman Mental Health in America's LGBTQ+ Youth SU Rogue River RoomSophia De Ocampo Millennials and Mental Illness SU Rogue River RoomJaeden Littleton Pacific Division of the AAAS SU Rogue River RoomAngie Christianson • Roger Christianson Positive Effects of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake SU Rogue River RoomMegan Swearingen QuEChERS-Based HPLC-MS Analysis of Beeswax Pesticide Content SU Rogue River RoomBenjamin Barnes Raider Alternative Break to Denver, Colorado SU Rogue River RoomAdam Thomas Reconnecting Isolated Fisher Populations in Southern Oregon SU Rogue River RoomAlec Bayarsky • Neil Clayton Redox Potential and Stability of Cyt. c-551 P62K Mutant SU Rogue River RoomGregory Miller • Jonathan Radda Social Media and Body Image SU Rogue River Roomluci Houser Social Stigma on the Biological Children of Serial Killers SU Rogue River RoomHannah Fisher-Tachouet • Emily Reeder Soil Microbial Ecology in Response to Long-term Manipulations SU Rogue River RoomMeghan Flannery Stability of Epinephrine Under Varying Conditions SU Rogue River RoomNikole Gomez • Gregory Miller Structural Characterization Techniques of β-sitosterol SU Rogue River RoomCurtis Catron Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, and Socio-Economic Status SU Rogue River RoomTristanne Gallardo Synthesis of Novel Bismuth Hydroxide Cluster SU Rogue River RoomGregory Garcia Teenagers Aging Out of the Foster Care System SU Rogue River RoomPaige Kuntz The Brain of a Murderer SU Rogue River RoomJulieta Quijano-Ocampo The Causes of Beach Erosion and How it Can Be Stoped SU Rogue River RoomJack Giacobetti The Effects of Divorce on Children SU Rogue River RoomGeorgia Cole The Fluctuation in Cannabinoid Concentrations in Cannabis sativa SU Rogue River RoomEmily Dooley • Gregory Miller The Iterations of the Death Penalty in the United States throughout History SU Rogue River RoomMiles Boescenstein The Role Art Plays in Gentrification SU Rogue River RoomHenry Rowe Ubiquity of Pesticide Contamination in Cannabis SU Rogue River RoomGregory Miller • Sarah North • Anna Oliveri Unwanted Sexual Aggression in the Barroom SU Rogue River RoomVictoria Randle β-peptide Synthesis and Application for Target Active Sites SU Rogue River RoomTheresa Collins µPAD for the Detection of Iron in Drinking Water SU Rogue River RoomPaul Schaafsma

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4:30pm PDT


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