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Alexis McDonald

Southern Oregon University
Writing Center Tutor
Alexis Noel is a native of beautiful Southern Oregon, a writing tutor at Southern Oregon University, and a graduating senior in the English program at SOU. A few of her life adventures include running with the San Fermín bulls, exploring her backyard mountains and lakes, engaging in the world’s biggest tomato fight, being her nieces’ favorite Auntie “Lala” and spending an entire summer backpacking through Europe. Her story, "Second Street Stranger" was published by Living Springs Publishers in their collection, Stories Through the Ages: College Edition. Alexis has presented her research at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature two years in a row; in 2017, she presented her paper, “James Baldwin and the Development of Identity: A Lacanian Approach,” and in 2018 she presented “Inarticulate Cries: Civil War Trauma Embodiment in Bierce’s ‘Chickamauga’.” She is currently continuing her research on James Baldwin and black identity development for her capstone project and will present its progress at the 2018 Southern Oregon Arts and Research conference. After graduation, she plans to continue her studies and eventually obtain a Doctorate in English. Alexis writes for discovery–of herself, and a deeper understanding of the world.

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